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Monday, July 20, 2009

LOVE tutorial

This is my second offering of the "LOVE"
poster. I decided the first might be a little
too abstract for some so this one is more
I started in my sketchbook with just a
pencil rendering, deciding on design
elements as I went along, ( a fair amount
of erasing !!! ).

Next I photographed the sketch and put it
in photoshop on my computer.

My instinct was to make the heart red but
then I figured the lettering would have to be
a light color and I thought it might not show
up as well.

I chose a blue color for the lettering and tried
it out to see if I liked it. Then began to use red
for the background color and also put the
squigly line pattern for added texture.
Next I outlined the large LOVE lettering and
added some shadow effect around the heart.
Here I've added color on the leaves and
decided on a deep burgundy red for the
outer border. An afterthought was to add
the textural pattern into the border.
The final detailing included dropping shadow
effects from the leaves and highlighting some
of the pattern in the border to pop it a bit.

This print is available for only $10.00 either by contacting me at or through my Etsy store at


3rdEyeMuse said...

your most loveliest RwS posted this a while back ... such a lovely piece. thank you for sharing the process. :)

Terri said...

I love this passage ..I wish more people would take it in...I like the your sketch, the composition and your use of warm colors you selected... just not sure about the coolness of blue lettering though.

Say It In Color said...

Wonderful!! I love the fact that you shared the process.... I love pencil and use water the vine, letters....all of it! the colors and the background designs look a little like tooled leather....nice, nice!