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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I did a 6 x 8' acrylic rendering of this sketch for our church.
Our church has two services on Sunday mornings so I did
it twice. They told me I had approximately 7 minutes to d0

it while the offering was being collected.

Well, in the first service I was trying to pace myself for
a 7 minute rendering and the offering took only
4 minutes so I had to hurry and finish while the pastor
slowly walked up on stage. The 2nd service my timing
was perfect, ( again about 4 minutes )
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm considering charging a quarter to give tours through my mind as I have had people request this on many occassions after viewing my 'silly sketches'.
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For the most part ducks are creatures of morals and standards but Bob has that certain look on his face that makes one question what he may have done or what he may be up to...

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Bodega Church

I sketched this church in the town of Bodega... a few minutes further up the road is the infamous Bodega Bay where Alfred Hitchcock filmed "The Birds". While I was sketching I was suddenly startled when a shadow came over my shoulder and cast itself upon my sketchbook. I turned to see the unmistakeable profile of the man himself...Mr Hitchcock. He was kind enough to make my day as he complimented my work and blessed me with his hand on my head. He then pulled up his neatly tucked-in shirt and let me rub his belly for good luck!
We then strolled into town and shared stories of how misunderstood artists often are over a cold limeade.

( some or quite possibly all of the above account may have been liberally embellished for dramatic effect!!! )

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Arizona Autumn" watercolor painting ( class demonstration )
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This is what I do in my spare time.
Sometimes I sketch a lot. Yes, even tho' I'm Dave "the Famous Artist" I still sometimes do not have any pressing darling wife would add "You can empty the garbage". Yeah, I could, but then who amongst my fans would be entertained by that? Some of us have a higher calling. I have a zillion sketches like this...I'll try to post one a day at least. I've neglected my blogspot but I'll attempt to be more attentive. Of course, I've also beeen attempting to excersize regularly for 20 years. My intentions are honorable but the flesh is weak. Alas, I am indeed...human!
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