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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bodega Church

I sketched this church in the town of Bodega... a few minutes further up the road is the infamous Bodega Bay where Alfred Hitchcock filmed "The Birds". While I was sketching I was suddenly startled when a shadow came over my shoulder and cast itself upon my sketchbook. I turned to see the unmistakeable profile of the man himself...Mr Hitchcock. He was kind enough to make my day as he complimented my work and blessed me with his hand on my head. He then pulled up his neatly tucked-in shirt and let me rub his belly for good luck!
We then strolled into town and shared stories of how misunderstood artists often are over a cold limeade.

( some or quite possibly all of the above account may have been liberally embellished for dramatic effect!!! )

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Laume said...

It's a pretty spot. I thought you were gonna say there was a flock of birds behind you - LOL. My mom used to work at the restaurant on the docks where The Birds was filmed.