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Monday, March 16, 2009

watercolor workshops

"View of Truchas, New Mexico"...painted
at one of my watercolor travel workshops.
There's quite a story connected with this. After I painted
this watercolor my wife, two older women students and I
continued up the road to this quaint little town where
Robert Redford directed "The Milagro Beanfield War".
Driving through town we were accosted by a gang of drunk
Mexican young people who stood in front of the car and
informed us they hated 'gringos' and didn't allow them
in their town. Only my cool demeanor under pressure
allowed us to survive the day.

The next day we painted this great scene of the
"Rio Grande Gorge" near Taos.

Both of these watercolors are available for
Purchase at

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Linda East said...

Wow Dave..I love both of these watercolors. I have a home on the Cimmaron River in Logan County, Oklahoma and the top painting your have done reminds me of the landscapes on the river. Your work is really awesome and I enjoy viewing your work.