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Monday, February 18, 2008

Recent Paintings

"The Cows in the Meadow"

"Late Afternoon Light Show"

"Party at Iggie's Island"


"Winter Vineyard and House"

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Deirdra Doan said...

Dave your "Late Afternoon Light Show" is so very inspiring...and so beautiful. Your work is most amazing. What a wonderful place to paint outside in Napa CA. I can feel the warm breeze on my face and the light beams piercing my skin.

Your wife has become a blog friend. We both were in the giveaway. Your painting of her is so cute!

I would like to see more of your first children's book illustrations.

I really like your soft and sublime.

My humble attempt to illustrate my children's book comes from being told that I it is my story and my vision.....but truly I know that there is a real skill to illustrating. It takes more time then I have given it or have time to give it to get the place of excellence you have come to. Alas I am doing my best and I do think it has some charm.

Your admirer....